Errday is a Good Day

4 02 2010

Im sure you’re aware that I am slowly becoming a massive fan of the ski.
I recently decided a good way to pour gas on the fire is to start watching ski videos.  I know it’s a little past the start of the 2010 season now, but I just popped in a little treat apply name “Everyday is a Saturday” The newest release from Poor Boyz Productions.  I don’t really know where to start with this one.  Let’s try the beginning.  Ok, so right off the top there is a relatively generic, yet funny opening scene of a bro getting his steeze on….Good start.
Then we get into the shred.  Tanner Hall kicks it off by telling everyone what he considers to be good skiing, which basically boils down to being rad at everything.  I tend to agree.  Dane Tudor then slapped me in the face… With his skiing.  I don’t know too much about skiing, so it’s not hard for people to come out of nowhere for me at this point.  Either way, the kid is absolutely unbelievable!

After that, the floodgates opened and I couldn’t stop screaming about what was going on.  Tanner continued to tell us all why skiing is progressing, followed by kidding continuing to show progressive skiing.  The jib sections were more like shots of people tap dancing on handrails with skis on.  The jumps were a series of kids hucking themselves off of oversized launch pads and spinning like they are on carnival rides.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get better….Enter the soundtrack.  I watched “The Massive” last year when it dropped and was overwhelmed with reggae track after reggae track… Not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy da beats mon, I just want it in moderation.   Then the gods of gnar decided to appease me, and all of a sudden Trouble Andrew!!!  I was STOKED!  The Poor Boyz must have really wanted to knock me on my ass.  They set the fine little ditty (Chase Money) to a montage of Simon Dumont, Sammy Carlson, TJ Schiller and Jossi Welllllllls, Jossi Wells, JOSSI WELLS.

At this point I have already dubbed “Everyday” as the most all time ski movie, of all time.  So it was only fitting one more bomb be dropped.  The single best park section I have ever seen (We aren’t counting The B, cause that’s not fair)  The set up was a multi-gapped jib with a few different rails available to hit.  Then there was a box-to-tree-gap.  And then a nice little table set up that allowed more than one rider to hit it simultaneously.  It was mind-bottling to say the least.

Oh yeah, then the credits rolled to “Working for the Weekend”  SUCK IT MEDIOCRITY!

Long and short – Watch “Everyday is a Saturday” RIGHT NOW!!!





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