Inbox: with Anthony Hollick

2 02 2010

Anthony Hollick was born in Regina, and moved out to the beach when he was 13.  This could prove to be as big for wakeboarding as when Parks decided to stop skiing.  He started riding in events like the Saskatchewan provincials and soon he was taking home contests results and even has a National title under his belt.  Emailing back and forth from his current home in Tavares, FL (just north of Orlando), we had the chance to chat about everything from soybeans to cable parks.  Now thanks to the wonder that is Gmail, here is a little insight into the life of one of Canada’s best wakeboarders.

STREETJESUS: “Hey buddy, thanks for taking the time out.  Let’s kick this off with a classic.  How did you get your start in wakeboarding?
HOLLICK: “I guess I got into wakeboarding just from being out at the lake all the time. The first couple times I hated it because my dad tried pulling us up like slalom skiers, which is not the way to get a wakeboarder up for the first time, and I wasn’t able to do it. I got frustrated and nearly gave up until my friend Corwin Pearce, a local shredder from Indian Head, took me out and showed me all the essentials. I started learning 180’s and it took me a while but eventually I went upside down and the rest is history. “

SJ: “Upside down is a good place to be if you want to make it in this industry, anybody who really helped you progress your riding in the early days?”
AH: “Rob Burnett use to ride at Katepwa and taught me a few maneuvers, he was so good. At his peak he could have been competing at a pro level for sure. Danny Elder and Dave Adams were also guys that were a little older that took me under their wing. Danny showed me what an aqua deuce was. You should ask him about it, I think I almost puked. Haha. ”

"Eventually I went upside down and the rest is history"

SJ: “Sounds like a pretty solid start.  Ok, so you’ve got the 180s, the upside downs, and the “aqua deuces” dialed.  What’s the next step?”
AH: The first year out of high school I worked as farm hand on my dad’s farm, got a job at Houston Pizza, saved up, sold my truck and actually bought a soybean options contract for like $1700… When the time came me and my buddy Corwin drove down to Florida.  I remember we stayed at Danny Harf’s house where Rusty (Malinoski) was living at the time.  We met Andrew Atkinson, Sean Kilgus (major wakeboard filmer) and Chad Sharpe. It seemed overwhelming. People you watch in videos and magazines, and I was sleeping amongst them on a couch. It would be like meeting Taylor Swift for most people.”

SJ: “Wow, soybeans and rockstars.  Not a bad way to start your career.  Now that your “In the scene” in the Orlando area, who are you riding with?”
AH: “…On any given day it’s common to go to the cable park and shred with Shawn Murray or Adam Errington. I was riding with my friend Aaron Rathy and Josh Palma. Josh was giving me the gears about not being able to do air tricks. He’s a super rad guy, and he gave me some solid advice. I just don’t like doing air tricks on cables.  Scary haha…otherwise I ride with my Canadian hommies that are coming down shortly: Dylan Miller, Ashley Leugner and Adam Burwell.”

SJ: “Glad to hear you’re riding with a crew.  Any plans once the posse arrives?”
AH: “Adam is also a filmer, so we usually film with him. Last year I had a part in the Billabong movie “Out of the Pond” which I was pretty stoked about. I wasn’t really expecting that long of a part so it was cool to see, but I would have liked to work a bit harder at it. I plan on filming with Adam more, and to create a few webisodes with my friend Norbi Vasko, a Dutch bastard who is also good with a camera.  I really want to be in a major wakeboard movie this year, however it seems that there are not to many projects going on at present.  I’ve got a few good ideas for some dope pictures in the near future, but I’m gonna spend a lot of time getting a couple tricks consistent to do well at the Pro Wakeboard Tour this year.

SJ: “Speaking of the tour, what does your schedule look like for this season?”
AH: “I always try and keep my schedule tentative for the summer. I’ll probably attend the first two stops of the Pro Wakeboard Tour, but if things aren’t looking that well, or if I don’t make the qualifications for tour, I’ll come home longer, do a few other contests instead. But I am planning on making tour.  As well as attending Wakestock, Nationals, Board Up Miami, Wake Games, maybe U.S. Nationals and we’ll see what local contests I can make it to. I love Summer Invasion, and hopefully things will work themselves out so I can attend that event. But travel budget and contest fees add up pretty fast.”

SJ: “Just a couple then hey!  Any guys you are looking out for this year, contest or otherwise?”
AH: “I would say Rusty is always on it and wants to win contests. I think Aaron Rathy has more talent on the water than anyone in the world, aside from Parks Bonifay and perhaps young buck Harley Cliford. Danny Harf is always pushing the limits and opening doors, but outside of that loop I think you can look around see un-recognized riders push the sport in a new, sylish progression. Riders like Dylan Miller even, or Dustin O’Ferrall. I think Raphael Derome is crazy talented as well as his brother Oliver. There is simply to many people to mention, its making my brain hurt.”

SJ: “Alright buddy, I will take it easy on you.  I know you have homework to be getting to.  But can you just give me your thoughts on the entire wakeboard scene first real quick?”
AH: “Honestly, it really annoys me when people talk about how wakeboarding needs to change, and how contests suck, and style yada yada. It’s not that I don’t agree, but go out there have fun.  Do the tricks you want to do, wakeboard the way that you think wakeboarding should be. Quit talking about how much the other aspects of the sport suck. I remember hearing a paid wakeboarder talk about how contests suck. He joked around made fun of the tricks and the format etc. But when contest day rolled around, instead of making a stand for what he was talking about, he did ‘contest style tricks’. He did the exact same tricks he was making fun of.  That was lame. If he would have went out and just did backside 180s, and grabs I would have had way more respect for the guy.  Aside from that rant, I’d like to see wakeboarding get into double flips with some cool grabs. I also think there are some serious possibilities in terms of jibs etc.  Anymore brain busters? Ha.”

SJ: “Nah man… Let’s just do the shout outs and sponsors, then we will call it.”
AH: “Family, friends, Billabong, H.O. Sports Canada, Saskatoon Watersports, Nixon, and Electric.

Check out Anthony in action with Canadian Hommie, Dylan Miller right here.
Video courtesy of Adam Burwell (also Canadian Hommie)

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