Winter X Games 14 – Day Two

29 01 2010

Downtown Bobby Brown

All the talk going into day two of X was Shaun White, but it was the freeskiiers that stole the show… we’ll get to that in a second.

All the steeziest kids on boards took to the slopestyle course early in the afternoon for Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle – Elimination Round. Snowpark Technologies built an unreal course, and the finals will run on Sunday afternoon. Here’s the scoop…

IN: Halldor Helgason, Mikkel Bang, Torstein Horgmo, Eero Ettala, and more

OUT: Travis Rice, Andreas Wiig, Heikki Sorsa

Aspen local Jen Hudak took the gold in Women’s Ski Halfpipe, but 17 year-old Calgarian Megan Gunning just might of deserved it. Megan had gnarly mountain-kid steeze and a real pretty corked 900. She snatched up the silver medal with 90.66, a couple points behind Jen’s 92.33… great skiing either way.

After Shaun White’s jaw-dropping riding on Friday night, rumours were flying that a perfect score of 100 could go down in the finals if the flying tomato stomped the run he was planning. As it turns out, Shauner looked slightly more human on this night, including a scary crash on the double mctwist 1260 in practice. He still posted a 95.33 on his first run… easily enough for the win. The rest of the field was fairly unimpressive. Iouri Podladtchikov (iPod) grabbed the silver… he had the tricks, but lacked amplitude and looked sketchy a good amount of the time. A much better choice for the silver medal would have been Kazuhiro Kokubo, who had one less double cork than iPod, but rode silky smooth the whole night, and was the only competitor who’s riding still looked good in comparison to Shaun’s. Needless to say, Frends Danny Davis and Kevin Pearce were greatly missed. All this being said, Shaun White deserves all the credit in the world… he has never been THIS far ahead of the pack.

Shaun was not as epic as he can be, but the best freeskiiers in the world definetly were. Men’s Skiing Big Air… let me start by saying this was THE BEST X GAMES EVENT I HAVE EVER WATCHED. The contest was set up in jam format. The five skiiers had 20 minutes to get spinny as many times as they could, with their best two jumps, each judged out of 50 points, being combined to create their overall score out of 100. With 20,000+ people on hand, the action was fast and FURIOUS.

The boys were uber-stoked and feeding off each other’s skiing like crazy. When it was all said and done, Okanagan kid TJ Schiller hucked the first 1620 anyone has ever seen in a comp… perfectly. TJ scored a perfect 50 on that jump, and added a 45 to finish with 95 points. On this night, 95 was not enough. American Bobby Brown pulled his much-hyped switch (that means backwards) double misty 1260, for a perfect score of 50. He then surprised everyone, maybe even himself, by diggin deep an finding a little more spin, putting down a switch double misty 1440, landing switch. Since the 1260 version of the trick got him a 50, and you can’t get any higher than that, this trick was also a 50. So there you have it, Bobby Brown… 100. An unbelievable day two at X, and if you don’t believe me, here’s the proof.

– jefton




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