Winter X Games 14 – Day One

29 01 2010

Women's Ski Slopestyle Winners - Keri Herman (2nd), Kaya Turski (1st), Grete Eliassen (3rd)

Day one of the best contest on earth kicked off on Thursday, and things are looking good. The slopestyle course and superpipe are looking great, and the athletes are looking even better. Day one was a light day by X Games standards, but here is what you need to know…

The best freeskiiers in the world kicked off the games with Men’s Ski Slopestyle – Elimination Round. With the top 8 advancing to the finals, some big names like TJ Schiller, Colby West and JF Houle did not make the cut. Norwegian Andreas Hatveit qualified first with buttery style up top and big stompers like the switch 1260 at the bottom.

Both the men and women of snowboard hit the superpipe for their elimination rounds, and there were no surprises here. On the woman’s side, the American powerhouse of Clark, Bleiler, Hight, Teter, and Hollingsworth finished top 5 and advance to the final. Aussie shred Torah Bright, who is rumoured to have been double dippin’ just like the boys recently, did not ride because of some injury trouble over the past couple of days… look out for her in Vancouver though (if they manage to produce a halfpipe in the next week). As for the men… the Shaun White show. I wish this kid never stopped snowboarding, and I didn’t have a job, so I could do nothing except watch Shaun White snowboard for the rest of my life. Tune in to the finals on Friday not to see who wins, but to watch Shaun White ride a snowboard.

The highlight of day one was women’s freeskiier Kaya Turski demonstrating a level of ski steeze that we have never seen from a female, and proving once again that everything good comes from Montreal. Her smooth, effortless style was inspiring, and she easily locked down the gold medal with a score of 96.66 in the Women’s Skiing Slopestyle event. Also, big props to Sarah Burke. Despite already being eliminated from podium contention, she threw down a gnarly 1260 attempt on the last jump of the course… the same jump that ended her life at Winter X last year. Make sure to scope Kaya’s gold medal run at the link below, and enjoy day two of X!

– jefton




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